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What Matters Most In Life

Hey Beautiful Black Woman,

On September 10th I celebrated my birthday. Since I’ve been eyeing a trip to Colombia and Panama for later this Fall, I told my loved ones not to do anything special for me. All days, especially birthdays, should be relished however, so I decided to gift myself with an assortment of things I love. My “gifts” started with a gentle yoga practice, which followed with a trip to the cemetery to visit my beloved father and grandmother. After being given an abundance of wisdom from my elders, I sat outside on my deck, soaking up nature and bird watching with the vibrant sun beating against my skin. My mother in law came by and we enjoyed a cup of coffee and good conversation. I headed to my favorite beach spot. Once settled into the crystal sand on my comfy lounge chair, I immersed myself in a couple of my favorites magazines. All while breathing in the clear pristine sky and waves. My daughter and I walked the shore, allowing the cool water to saturate our feet. We paused periodically, examined the rocks, and discussed the uniqueness of each. My next spot was a new restaurant where I indulged new tastes: salty, savory, and sweet. I ended the day with a lot of laughter ignited by one of my favorite tv sitcoms. Pure joy and deep gratitude is what I felt as I lie on my pillow reflecting on the day.

This, by far, was the most meaningful and intentionally celebrated birthday I’ve had. I’m grateful for the few formal gifts I received from my loved ones (including the gorgeous necklace you see in my birthday pic thanks to my mom), but I’m most grateful that I understand what is most important to live a full life. Honoring myself means doing the things that bring me the greatest fulfillment. As black women, we “work” all the roles we’ve been given, yet I, like I suspect, you, end up the last ones to be “worked”. This destructive behavior has got to stop and WE are the only ones who can stop it. I decided that this year I WILL stop the madness and begin to treat myself with the same amount of care, if not more, than I give to others. What really matters is that we live our lives with intention as entrepreneurs, mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, partners, artists, writers, coaches, photographers, activists, and ultimately black woman extraordinaire.

I’d love to hear what you plan to do to “work” yourself between now and our next newsletter at info@blackwomenaboutbiz.com. Until next time, cheers to what's most important!

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