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The Power of Coaching to Achieve Your Business Goals

I'm fortunate to say that I have been on this entrepreneurial grind for a decade. Yes, ten years y'all. I can hardly believe that, especially when more than 70% of start ups don't survive after the first ten years in business. You can imagine that is even more dismal for black entrepreneurs like us. So again, I am grateful. Truly.

What I know for sure, as in the words of my girl Oprah Winfrey, is that one of the secrets to my business success has been the support I've taken advantage of as an entrepreneur. More than any support I've received, coaching has been, by far, the most powerful. Coaching has helped me to discover new ways of doing business. It has helped me get out of my own way. Coaching has even helped me repair and deepen personal and professional relationships.

Coaching isn't the antidote for everything, but I will tell you its super powers can do a great deal to create transformation for you and your business. As a certified professional coach, I have had the pleasure of working with countless individuals, especially black women to support them in their professional and business growth. I'm also privileged to train individuals to utilize coaching skills in their work and life under the auspice of Leadership That Works which is a national/international coaching firm with the goal of coaching every person on the planet! That's why I serve as faculty for the company-I would also like to make sure that everyone, especially US, receive the gift of coaching.

Fortunately, if you're not personally familiar with the power of coaching now is your chance. We have a special promotion going on (see below) for our inaugural launch date so you get an opportunity to understand coaching and, if you desire, experience it first hand.

And although you may have read it before, we really want every black female in your network to be part of our Black Women About Business tribe. Even women who don't currently have the aspiration to start or scale their business. We all know that inspiration to leap into entrepreneurship or want to grow our business can strike anytime! Have them connect with us today at www.blackwomenaboutbiz.com.

In the spirit of coaching for business transformation,


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