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Investing In Yourself Is Priceless

Hey, hey, hey! Hope you're well Black Women About Business tribe. I'm writing from beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina where I will be attending the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurship Summit. I'm geeked because I will be hearing from entrepreneurship heavy weights, such as,  Janice Bryant Howroyd, Mark Cuban, Tip "T.I." Harris, Byron Allen, and more. I know I will leave feeling more enlightened about entrepreneurship, inspired to take my work to the next level, and will meet life long connections along the way that will become part of my tribe.

It is so important for us to invest in ourselves as leaders and entrepreneurs. Sometimes the investment is steep, such as a business incubation program. Other times the only thing it costs is our time, for example attending a free webinar. Regardless of how we invest, the important thing is that we invest, not only in ourselves, but also with each other. That's why I buy black unapologetically, because let's face it, sometimes if we don't invest in our own, no one will.

So here's my call to action: make a commitment to do at least one thing to invest in yourself between now and the next issue of Black Women About Business. In addition, at least one thing you will do to invest in someone else. There are countless ways we can invest in ourselves and in others, and sometimes, as I stated earlier all it takes is your attention and intention. 

Having trouble taking the leap to invest in yourself to make you a better leader or entrepreneur, then contact us at info@blackwomenaboutbiz.com. We'd love to explore this with you through a free consultation. 

Peace, love, and power, Demarra

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