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Dream BIG in 2018

We are getting so close to the New Year that I couldn't help but to think about what transpired in 2017, not to mention what I want for myself going into 2018.

Let's start with 2017. I expanded my practice. Stepped down from a not for profit I founded. Launched Black Women About Business. Paid off my student loans. Traveled to New Zealand, Germany, China, Antigua, Kenya, and Mexico, not to mention fabulous cities across the US, such as, New York and LA.

As much as I'm celebrating the wins I've had, I have experienced a lot of set backs too. I haven't written in months so my goal of finishing my memoir has been pushed back, yet again. The vision for Black Women About Business has been reimagined more times than I can express. And there have been a myriad of family challenges that took an immense toll on me at times.

And this, I know, is simply part of life, and more specifically the entrepreneurial journey. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart. Especially if you're a black female entrepreneur having the role of building and leading our businesses, holding down family, being the change makers in our community and more. In spite of these challenges in the words of iconic Maya Angelou, 'still we rise.'

As I think about what I want to rise to in 2018, the list is long. I know I won't accomplish everything, as is the case for the majority of us. What I do know is that what I set my intentions on has a better chance of materializing. Additionally, when we share our intentions with others, we have more than a thirty percent better chance at accomplishing our goals.

So what the hell?!?!? I'll start by sharing my BIGGEST goal of 2018 (besides growing the Black Women About Business community): I will fully edit my book by June 30, 2018. So go ahead and share with us at least one of your BIG goals by completing our survey. We'd also love to know all about it @blackwomen_biz, and please make sure you use our hashtag #BlackWomenAboutBiz.

Let's rise together in 2018!


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