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Black Women About Business's Value Proposition

I come to you today to shed some light on what makes the Black Women About Business program different from other programs out there.

First, BWAB really is a one stop shop for entrepreneurial support. Women will have access to 1-2 webinars every week for the entire 11-months they are enrolled in the program. Anything you’ve ever needed to know about business we cover. From digital marketing, to access to capital, to business planning, to branding, and more. Additionally women will receive real time monthly support and monthly mentor/coaching sessions. Further, if you’re specifically interested in blogging, becoming an author, consulting, or public speaking we have some phenomenal experts who will work with you for 3-9 months to help you take big leaps through our small group hustles. Plus, we will have a pitch competition for entrepreneurs for a chance to win up to $5,000 to invest in your business.

Secondly, Black Women About Business is rooted in research. Yes, my girl Nicole Parker created The 6 I’s of Black Innovation which is a framework specifically designed to highlight the unique experiences of black women in the process of innovation and provide black entrepreneurs with the skills to navigate systems to overcome barriers.

Thirdly, we specifically, and unapologetically, I might add, serve black women exclusively in the program. This means that whenever you show up to the BWAB community we can guarantee it will be dominated by our black sisters in business. This will lay the foundation for us doing deep work together based on issues that are uniquely our own. We recognize there are universal challenges related to the entrepreneurial grind, but we also know that some of the issues we encounter daily are unique to the black female experience. BWAB will be a platform for us to explore our issues in dynamic ways that help us to look deep within in order to transform and create the kind of business success we so deserve.

And lastly, we support black female entrepreneurs in every way we can, every time we can. This will be represented in our trainers, coaches, mentors, consultants, vendors, staff, interns, and more. We see these women as part of the sisterhood, who understand the trials and tribulations of being a black woman in business. I have trusted them to guide me on the journey to launch Black Women About Business and I trust them to to facilitate, both indirectly, and directly, your growth while in the program and well beyond.

And a few other things that set us apart:

  • Our communication will really feel like it’s all about you and we will only send newsletters twice a month!

  • You will have a schedule of all our educational workshops for the entire 11 months to support you in engaging in our offerings as much as your schedule will allow.

  • You will have lifetime access to the educational webinars we offer which will allow you to revisit content as you need to for your business growth.

So, why wait? Set your intention to be part of the unique Black Women About Business community. Our application opens up on November 11th with a launch date of December 4th.

And please spread the love. We know you have a tribe of aspiring, novice, and seasoned black women entrepreneurs who could benefit from Black Women About Business so forward this newsletter so they don’t miss out!

Much love,


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