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Black Women About Business is Back!

I know it's been a while since y'all heard from me. So first I want to apologize for being MIA. These last few months have been filled with reflecting about what I really want for myself, for you, and for Black Women About Business. And what better way to discover that than by surrounding myself with amazing, talented individuals? I started with my program developers, Alisa and Nicole Parker, of ANP Consulting, which I am deeply grateful for. There were an equal amount of tears and aha moments at that session. The most important aha moment was that wellness, more than the mechanics of business, is what was nearest and dearest to my heart. And girl, did that change everything! I mean, I'm a licensed therapist and certified professional coach, so you'd of thought I'd intuitively know that, but I was so caught up in "head", working to diligently launch Black Women About Business, that I somehow neglected my "heart". From this "heart" place I got clear about what I needed to give the work what it required. This included hiring a life coach, finding team members that were truly aligned with me and the work, and traveling back to the Mother Land. What I realized is that Black Women About Business wasn't just for you, it was for me too. Crafting out spaces for black women to integrate head and heart in their work is paramount. We deserve to be connected to "heart" in every way possible so that we can make decisions consistently that are good for us, while being guided in purpose and passion. Not to mention "heart" acts as a compass drawing us towards the things that are most good for us. We need "head" because it shows us what we need to know in order to effectively manage our businesses and ultimately our lives. Working harder, faster, and smarter is what we've always done as black women; isn't it time we applied some of that energy within? Retreat spaces, like Taking Care of You, Taking Care of Business, provides you with the gift to do just that. I need spaces like this, and I have a sense you need spaces like this too. Although our stories are uniquely our own, we share a collective story because we are black women. I don't know why, but those last four words, 'we are black women' sent chills down my spine. It's probably because of the deep love and admiration I have for us. I hope you will join me at the retreat this year while we journey together towards the best versions of our selves. Read on to discover more information about the retreat including two featured presenters. 

Peace, love, and power, Demarra

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